03.10.15 ♥

If this post appears slightly self-indulgent then I’m sorry. I can tell you now it’s a weird experience being obsessed with pictures of yourself and getting in from work every night and scrolling through all 909 of them. But I have LOVED looking through other people’s wedding pictures for years so I thought it was only right that I share mine as lets face it we’re all innately nosey! Just a few things before we get to the snaps . . I’ve had a lot of questions about the girls bridesmaid dresses . . they were from Key Fashion and I got them over 12 months so unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore also I am not a diva with two pairs of wedding shoes (well I might be a little bit of a diva) but my incredible husband bought me my first ever pair of Louboutins for my wedding present!!! Total surpirse!! As you can imagine I died. Then I sqeauled. Then I cried.

Hope you enjoy looking through our photos as much I love looking through everyone elses! ♥

01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-002 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-005 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-020 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-024 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-029 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-031 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-033 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-040 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-042 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-051 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-056 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-064 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-083 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-087 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-089 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-100 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-107 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-118 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-134 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-13602 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-00202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-00502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-00802 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-01302 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-02902 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03002 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03102 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03402 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03702 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-04902 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-05302 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-05502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-06202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-07402 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08002 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08602 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08802 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-09202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-09502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-09702 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-10202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-10503 Ceremony-E&D-Low-00403 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01203 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01403 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01603 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01903 Ceremony-E&D-Low-02003 Ceremony-E&D-Low-03403 Ceremony-E&D-Low-04503 Ceremony-E&D-Low-07103 Ceremony-E&D-Low-07303 Ceremony-E&D-Low-07903 Ceremony-E&D-Low-08404 Reception-E&D-Low-002 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-00104 Reception-E&D-Low-004 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-02204 Reception-E&D-Low-033 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-03604 Reception-E&D-Low-03904 Reception-E&D-Low-04004 Reception-E&D-Low-043 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-04404 Reception-E&D-Low-05304 Reception-E&D-Low-05404 Reception-E&D-Low-05904 Reception-E&D-Low-06004 Reception-E&D-Low-06104 Reception-E&D-Low-06205 Groups-E&D-Low-06806 Portraits-E&D-Low-00406 Portraits-E&D-Low-01706 Portraits-E&D-Low-02306 Portraits-E&D-Low-03706 Portraits-E&D-Low-04306 Portraits-E&D-Low-06506 Portraits-E&D-Low-07106 Portraits-E&D-Low-07906 Portraits-E&D-Low-08106 Portraits-E&D-Low-09506 Portraits-E&D-Low-09706 Portraits-E&D-Low-11206 Portraits-E&D-Low-13306 Portraits-E&D-Low-14107 Speeches-E&D-Low-00807 Speeches-E&D-Low-02807 Speeches-E&D-Low-06007 Speeches-E&D-Low-06707 Speeches-E&D-Low-07207 Speeches-E&D-Low-08807 Speeches-E&D-Low-09807 Speeches-E&D-Low-10607 Speeches-E&D-Low-12407 Speeches-E&D-Low-13007 Speeches-E&D-Low-14107 Speeches-E&D-Low-04308 Evening-E&D-Low-00708 Evening-E&D-Low-01008 Evening-E&D-Low-01508 Evening-E&D-Low-01808 Evening-E&D-Low-01908 Evening-E&D-Low-02808 Evening-E&D-Low-03608 Evening-E&D-Low-04308 Evening-E&D-Low-05108 Evening-E&D-Low-06008 Evening-E&D-Low-06208 Evening-E&D-Low-07108 Evening-E&D-Low-07208 Evening-E&D-Low-07408 Evening-E&D-Low-07508 Evening-E&D-Low-09308 Evening-E&D-Low-09408 Evening-E&D-Low-09608 Evening-E&D-Low-10208 Evening-E&D-Low-10408 Evening-E&D-Low-105


8 thoughts on “03.10.15 ♥

  1. Love your photos, I’m getting married in April and love all the small touches in your wedding! Where is your beautiful hairband from you wore? X


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