‘Tis the season to be jolly 

I AM FEELING SO FESTIVE RIGHT NOW. I am one of those really annoying ‘I love Christmas’ people and once I get into the festive spirit I literally embody an elf. A taller, slightly porkier elf, but nevertheless the spirit of an elf runs through my veins! We have always had a real tree (how funny that I didn’t know fake Christmas trees existed until I was 11) and in order for it to still be alive and kicking on my birthday (28th December) we don’t put it up till about the 18th which makes me very sad! However I will sacrifice a few weeks without a tree just for the smell of that PINE. You can’t beat the smell of a real tree!! Anyhoo as we are yet to put our tree up and I was feeling all festive and elfy I decided to start decking the house out *bursts into song* DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY.


I got a box of goodies from I Heart Homes this week and it was like Christmas had come early!


I am a sucker for bunting, my bedroom at university was consumed with Cath Kidston bunting and Danny used to say it looked like a farmhouse jam shop (haha!) So when you combine Christmas and bunting it makes me one very happy girl! It fits so perfectly under our fireplace!


I also got the 2 little reindeers peeping in the bottom right hand corner there. They have now been named Dancer and Prancer.

I also got these gorgeous frosted glass candle holders, I always have candles burning in the winter I’m just obsessed with them!


Candles on. Christmas leggings on. Let the wrapping commence! 

Where is a more perfect place to put all the wrapped presents than in this adorable sack!? However I will be taking these out at a later date and telling Danny to fill it with my presents because it’s my sack. Hahahaha.



I also got this cute sign with the ‘Christmas Rules’ on it which I love!! It’s going to look perfect in the kitchen . . . does everybody else put Christmas decs in the kitchen? Because I do haha! I put them everywhere!


See I wasn’t lying I really do decorate the kitchen too . . .

Because after all, Christmas is all about the food right!? So a lot of the time is spent in the kitchen and if the kitchen isn’t festive . . well that’s no fun at all! 

As I said all these gorgeous decs are from I Heart Homes and you can follow them on Instagram too under ‘ihearthomes’. Katie has loads of gorgeous shabby chic and interior bits! I did have my eye on a gorgeous silver wreath which sadly sold out *little cry* so I always keep my beady eye cast over their Instagram page everyday now so I can jot down my wish list! How cute are these mugs by the way!!!

I’ve loved seeing everyone’s trees & Christmas decs over on Instagram so I’m sure I’ll be spamming you when we finally put our tree up!!

Em, xo


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