Mini home haul

I am loving being married and I am wondering how long I can keep up this ‘newlywed’ malarkey for & giggle every time I say husband to someone however one thing I am missing is wedding planning! A lot of people hated it but not me, I loved every single part (minus getting all 7 bridesmaids fitted in their dresses . . That’s where my maid of honour came in; Thanks Luce!) So now there is a great empty void in my evenings and weekends and my Pinterest board is looking pretty unloved right now so I have turned towards interior and decor for a new life of inspiration. We are not far off buying our first home now (eeeeekkkk), we have saved and saved and saved so we can have the best possible start to married life. We were adamant not to rent as it is money down the drain in my opinion and now we are so close it’s getting very exciting! I am obsessed with anything shabby chic/vintage/grey/french and we have received so much stuff already from the wedding and now Christmas and my birthday I just cannot wait to finally see it all come together! (I’ve got more candles than the Yankee shop right now!) I recently received these gorgeous pieces from pretty_little_home on Instagram and I am just obsessed with them.

Where are your favourite places to buy interior and decor items? I have found a new love for getting gorgeous bits like this from Instagram shops! You can check all these bits out here at Pretty Little Home . . I’ve got my eye on their tray tables for when we move in!!

Em, xo



3 thoughts on “Mini home haul

  1. Hi Emma,
    Sorry to pester you, I was just wondering whether I could pick your brains for a second! The last photograph in this post has some adorable initial ornaments in the background, whereabouts are they from please? I’d love to get some! I had a look on pretty little home but couldn’t see them.
    Thanks in advance,


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