MIA, honesty & everything in between

I spent the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy hiding from Instagram (no offence but every picture of food made slightly heave), pretending like my blog didn’t exsist and also ignoring most social invitations. I was riddled with worry (classic overthinker over here), I was a walking zombie, I was puking at the smell of opening a fridge & I was also ridiculously excited! I have very much neglected my blog and I forgot how much I love just sitting here and writing! So take this post as an apology for going totally MIA, a recap of my thoughts and feelings and a catch up of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing!

So little old naive me said in my previous blog post ‘I’ll be trying to follow slimming world whilst pregnant’ HA. That’s a funny story Emma! Whilst I haven’t been terrible (minus living of chips and bread weeks 6-12) I haven’t been terrible either! For example breakfast will be a yoghurt, fruit and a juice, lunch will be salad, jelly (bless me I’m not 12 am I) and popcorn and dinner will be relatively good as in tuna pasta bake or spaghetti bolognese but can I be bothered counting syns!? No I bloody well can’t . . I’m trying to keep a rough track of calories (in order to not do the classics ‘eating for two’) at the same time as making sure most things are nutritious and healthy but in all honesty I feel growing a human being warrants the right to have a bit of what you fancy more often! Unfortunately when I got pregnant I had already gained a stone since my wedding day as I had a 7lb gain from our 2 week all inclusive honeymoon which I obviously enjoyed lugging around with me until Christmas when I gained another 7lb and low and behalf the first week of January I found out I was pregnant! However from my pre pregnancy weight I have gained 12lbs in 19 weeks. I find myself snacking lots more than I ever have before, I think it’s the classic case of eating little and often so because of this I have just un-snoozed my subscription to graze to keep my snacks as healthy as possible.

During the Easter holidays (not that there is such a thing when you’re a full time worker) I was lucky enough to squeeze in a  mini break with all my favourite girls! My Mum is 1 of 4 sisters and apart from 2 boys all the cousins are girls too so we usually go away over Easter to Anglesey or Wales, however this year my auntie suggested her villa in Majorca . . Ermmm do I even have to answer that question!? So off we went, all 11 of us! It was exactly what I needed, so relaxing and such a laugh! It’s where me and Danny are ‘babymooning’ and I’m already so excited to head back!

I have also been quite busy planning our decor for our very first home which is due to be built in August! A year ago I would have yelped with excitement but now I feel it’s so much pressure and so many choices! I just don’t deal well with decisions when pregnant! I nearly cried the other day because I ordered hunters chicken and I should have definitely had the brioche burger!!! Danny’s sister works for the company we are buying the house from so this makes me feel so much more relaxed knowing and decisions I make can easily be altered before the deadline! At the moment we have gone for a bright white kitchen with oak work tops and grey tiles, something very similar to this!

Other than that I’ve been having extremely chilled weekends filled with baby shopping & breakfasts! My two new favourite hobbies! As ever this was a ‘sit down and write whatever rambles pop into your head’ blog post but is also a little update of where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing and hopefully this will encourage me to start writing more again as I do genuinely love it!
Thanks for reading and as always thank you so much for the lovely comments and positivity on my Instagram!

Em, xo


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  1. April 23, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    I love your wee chatty blog posts <3
    You've so many exciting things happening in your life right now!

    Lot's of love, Louise

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