Scrub Love

You may, like me, have seen coffee scrubs all over Instagram recently and I won’t lie I thought what the hell are those skinny beautiful women doing rubbing coffee all over their bodies!? Call me a cynic but I genuinely thought it was a bit of blag . . I.e. What’s wrong with a normal exfoliater!? But when the people at scrub love got in touch and offered to send me a sample I thought why the hell not, let’s see what the fuss is about!?

First impressions; I thought why coffee? Why would I rub a dried bean that I usually drink on my skin? So the geek that I am read up on the ingredients on their website to find “Ground coffee is nature’s finest exfoliator. It’ll buff away dead skins cells without damaging the delicate new skin underneath. A high caffeine content in our fresh grinds stimulates circulation, to promote healing in problem areas.” Okay sounds good to me! Second thing I noticed was wow this stuff smells good, like really good . . Think Terry’s chocolate orange combined with coffee! Scrub love is also 100% natural and organic which always gets a thumbs up from me. So I hopped in the bath whilst my hair was drenched in coconut oil (homemade hair mask helloooo) and I scrubbed my body in coffee. Weird/messy but strangely satisfying! The first thing I noticed was how moisturising it was, my body was so smooth ( it turns out that will be the vitamin E, almond oil and vitamin C in the ingredients!) so after rinsing it off; my body felt like it had been exfoliated and moisturised all in one go which is a win win for me as I am one lazy human!

I then did the unthinkable and whacked it on my face. I gave it a good scrub and left it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off. No word of a lie my skin had never felt so smooth! I feel like a genuine coffee scrub convert over here and will be popping this into my weekly facial routine for sure! But in all honestly it had me at exfoliation and moisturising all in one. As previously mentioned I was kindly sent this by Scrub Love but I would definetely repurchase this now I’m a coffee scrub cynic convert!

Em, xo


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