Baby changing bag wish list

As a first time Mum-to-be everything is pretty exciting! Choosing your pram, designing the nursery, buying cute little outfits, teeney tiny shoes and imagining you and your baby having this cute little wonderful Pinterest worthy life (I am joking and aware this is totally not reality, but I’m going to go with it for a while longer before my bubble bursts with poo explosions and sleepless nights). If you don’t know by know I am very much a less is more kind of girl . . When we chose our pram even before we knew we were having a girl I knew I wanted an all black travel system so when it has come to choosing a changing bag it has been quite the task! I suppose it doesn’t help I’m possibly one of the most fussiest people going . . But let me tell you I’ve spent hours (maybe even days, I’m not ashamed to say it) searching for the perfect baby changing bag. I am one of those annoying people who has a vision and can’t step away from it, so I searched and searched and searched for the perfect black handbag lookalike changing bag and here are the ones that have made it on to my list so far!

First up is the Storksak + Bugaboo in nylon. I absolutely adore this bag, I would genuinely purchase it as a normal handbag and you wouldn’t for one second think it was full of baby wipes and milk! It looks spacious and trendy and I love the fact there is two straps so you can wear it over the body too. I don’t actually have a Bugaboo, I have a Joolz, but am I bothered? No. I love this bag and it’s a definite front runner!

Next up is the mini raf hold-all from Tiba + Marl, from what I can gather they are a relatively new company who have their heads screwed on when it comes to changing bags! Their whole website is full of the coolest bags and if I was quirky and trendy enough to pull off one of their rucksacks I totally would! But this is my absolute favourite of theirs . . 

Basically as with the Storksak I would purchase this bag if I wasn’t pregnant and lugging round baby supplies all the time because it’s beautiful! It really reminds me of the Alexander Wang Rocco (without the studs, studs are not baby friendly) . . But can you see the theme yet . . Black, black and more black?

Last but by no means least on my precisely put together list is the Jem + Bea Jemima. Well what can I even say, just look at it, it’s a beauty! 

Again, black, but so classic. It looks spacious and has loads of different compartments, essential for carrying all your babies supplies!

So there we have it, my top 3 wish list changing bags. Is their any changing bags you would recommend? Please let me know on here or on instrgam, I would love to read all your of opinions!

Thanks for reading,

Em, xo


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