Béaba Babycook

Béaba contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their babycook and quite frankly I jumped at the chance. I won’t lie I have been nervous about weaning; about discussing it with anyone (because everyone has an opinion) and also about embarking on our journey. Milk (whether it’s breast or forumula) is convenient. It’s plain and simple and you can’t really balls it up. Food, well that’s just a whole different ball game isn’t it. Where do you even start? How do you know what to do? How much do you give? How do you make it? When do you feed them? Will they choke? The list of questions is endless. I use to wonder why no one had written a ‘parenting bible’ or a FAQ manual but now I know why. No two babies are the same and quite frankly you’ve just got to do what’s best for you and your babe. Anywaaaaaay (I’m rarely one for getting to the point, I do love a good ol ramble) I jumped at the chance of trying the Béaba babycook as I assumed it would make the start of our weaning journey that little bit easier. And is exactly what it’s done.

I’ve done a lot of research. And my research concluded with me just ‘going with the flow’. Crazy eh!? Any mother wants to do what’s best for their baby but no mother is going to be able to follow any book or plan to the letter because shock horror babies are unpredictable. One day they will have you thinking you’ve nailed this parenting lark and the next they’ll throw you a massive curveball in the shape of poo, vomit and no napping. I decided to take some inspiration from the Ella’s Kitchen First Foods app and start Evie with the #vegforvictory plan which is to offer them vegetables for the first 2 weeks of their weaning journey before introducing anything else. I am only on day 1 and broccoli went down like a lead balloon. Which of course I was expecting. I am not naive enough to think she was going to whizz the spoon out of my hand and gobble the whole lot. If I had £1 for every person who said ‘broccoli isn’t sweet’, ‘try her with something else’, ‘it can take 10 attempts before a  baby knows if they like something’ . . then I would have about £132! I do know all this but I’m not too bothered whether she likes it our not just yet, that’s not what I’m aiming for right now. Weaning is a long and slow process and for me these early weeks are just about getting use to tastes and textures whether she ‘enjoys’ them or not.

So when it came to making my first purées after the initial ‘oh my god what do I do!?’ I browsed through the Ella’s Kitchen app and decided my first attempts would be broccoli and carrots. I read the instructions that came with the babycook (so so easy to follow) and off I set. My first batch of purées was done and dusted within 15 minutes! No mess and no faffing around. My biggest downfall is mess. Danny hates me cooking as I always use about 10 pans so the fact the babycook steams, blends, defrosts and reheats all in the same appliance is so handy! (Plus the fact I’ve never actually steamed a vegetable in my life so this little machine does it all for me). You simply fill the babycook with water, pop your chosen vegetable or fruit in the basket and press the steam setting. Once done (the babycook will beep 3 times), you remove the water from the jug, pour your cooked food into the blender and blitz. Adding spoons of water if needed to get it to the desired consistency. (The blender works in short 10 second bursts meaning you can easily create food with different textures and more or less lumps) The blade is so easy to remove and clean too! And I seriously mean it when I say if I can do it then anyone can! The babycook allows you to make large quantities at ease which means you can keep the freezer stocked up.

I’m not saying you need this machine, of course you don’t. Just like you don’t need the perfect prep machine. (However now I would not give mine up for all the chocolate in the land) But boy is it a handy little thing that overall is a real time saver! Would I purchase it if I wasn’t gifted it? Honestly? Yeah I probably would! It’s not some silly gimmicky gadget . . if you buy it you will get so much use out of it that’s for sure! I already know we will. Because if something is going to save me time and make less mess then that is what I am all about! (Oh and it also matches my kitchen perfectly which is obviously a priority in life!)

The babycook is available to buy from Baby Secuirty and there is currently 10% until Wednesday 1st March for anyone interested.


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