Six Months

The days can go slow but the weeks and months just fly by! I’m sure any parent can vouch for that!  It’s ridiculous just how fast half a year can pass! When you’re pregnant you are so desperate for every week to pass by so you can now say you’re another week pregnant! Now I’m wishing the weeks would slow down. My tiny newborn dot is no longer that but she’s a hilarious, chunky 6 month old. I keep saying “when she was a baby” and my Mum looks at me and says “she is a baby” and then we laugh. Because to me she now seems so grown up, so full of personality and oh so sassy that she’s so far from the dinky little baby I rocked in my arms for hour and hours. I do have to remind myself she is still very much a baby however big and grown up she may seem!

There’s something about being pregnant which triggers people to say some of the oddest things you’ll ever hear. Those along the lines of “get used to having no sleep”, “you’ll never have any money again”, “you won’t be able to do that when the baby is here” blah blah blah. For some reason these people try and taint your excitement and joy and bring you crashing back down to reality. No one ever said parenting was easy (and if they do my god they are lairs) and no one ever said your life won’t dramatically alter. But I’m still unsure why people say these weird patronising negative things in response to a happy and excitable time? Yeah maybe you won’t be able to buy those £90 Topshop boots, have a lazy breakfast in bed or just ‘nip’ in to Tesco anymore but honestly you won’t care.

These last six months have changed me in unimaginable ways. But what I know now is I would give up every materialistic item I own, every night out, every fancy holiday and bacon sarnie in bed for this life. I’m now less selfish but definitely more psychotic, I have finally found peace with my body *kinda* and I’ve almost stopped hating it, going to bed at 9 o’clock on a Friday night is actually really exciting and it turns out having an organised changing bag is highly therapeutic. It’s hard to explain how motherhood has changed me, I feel like no matter how hard I try there just aren’t enough words, but I saw this quote and it just summed it up perfectly.


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  1. balancedblondemama
    March 19, 2017 / 8:42 am

    When you have written about people saying to you ‘get used to having no sleep,’ etc. when pregnant, Tom’s half-sister has been pissing my right off with similar lines, the most recent being ‘enjoy the sanity whilst it lasts,’ 🙄 I find it SO negative when me and Tom are both so excited and looking forward to being parents, some people heyy!? xxx

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