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We were recently contacted by Ella’s Kitchen to try out their brand new veggie pouches and of course we jumped at the chance! As I’ve previously mentioned I felt a bit clueless when I came to the start of our weaning journey and even before I had been contacted by Ella’s Kitchen I downloaded their First Foods app and it was really helpful! I felt like it was full of information, handy tips and it gave me a bit of guidance which is exactly what I was after! They previously ran their #vegforvictory campaign which was to encourage parents to wean with vegetables first, frequently and in variety! The aim being that the more variety of veg little ones eat throughout weaning, the more accepting they will be of new flavours.

The four new veggie pouches that have launched follow on the back of the success of the Veg for Victory campaign. Ella’s Kitchen aim to raise awareness of the importance of weaning with vegetables and the long-term positive impact it can have on little ones’ health and relationship with food. This is something that really resonates with me and if there is any way I can help to create a positive and healthy relationship between my daughter and food then I am all for it!!

There are 4 new flavours;

  • Peas, broccoli + potatoes
  • Carrots, peas + kale
  • Pumpkin, broccoli + sweetcorn
  • Squash, sweet potatoes + parsnips

The pouches have been designed to give little ones a variety of new and exciting veggie tastes once they’re ready to move on from single flavours and as with all of the Ella’s Kitchen range they are super convenient for when you’re out and about.

I thought Evie would prefer the ‘sweeter’ root vegetables such as squash or sweet potato but her favourite flavour seemed to be the peas, broccoli and poataoes! Which actually really surprised me as she has never taken a liking to broccoli before so it was lovely to see her enjoying it alongside the new mixture of flavours! It seems she thoroughly enjoyed the tasty sign too!

I have loved trying out the 4 new flavours with Evie and the greedy chops has certainly loved being a tiny taster! And although we have had some interesting faces pulled along the way and some raspberries blown with a mouth full of food I do think by continuously offering her vegetable based meals from the beginning of our weaning journey it has really helped with her acceptance of different tastes!

If you would like any more information on vegetable led weaning you can download a PDF called ‘A guide to weaning with veg’ from the Ella’s Kitchen website just click here or you can also follow them on Twitter @VegforVictory

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