BMW 2 series Active Tourer

One minute you’re 17 years young and jumping into a tiny little Corsa with only your purse and your keys in tow . . next thing you know you’re a Mother and you’re lugging the pram, the changing bag, a spare outfit, a baby and the kitchen sink into your family car.

Bowker BMW were kind enough to lend us the 2 Series Active Tourer which we had the pleasure of driving to Ribby Hall Village for a family weekend. 

If you hadn’t of noticed I am no car expert. I don’t know any of the fancy lingo and I can’t tell you what half of the buttons do. Let’s be honest here, Danny and I drive my Mum and Dad’s old Ford Focus that was gifted to us because, well it’s free and I am on maternity leave. And for that we are super grateful! However, I am no Jeremy Clarkson but what I can tell you is that this car was an absolute dream to drive and as a Mum it genuinely did make my life that little bit easier! I mean any car that has an auto boot is a winner in my eyes. When you’ve got your hands full with a baby, 10 shopping bags and a pram to put in the boot then auto boot is the one. The boot was big enough to fit our pram in without taking it apart and for those of you who have a Joolz you will understand what a momentous occasion this is! In fact I managed to fit a Joolz Day, a Bugaboo Chameleon, 2 car seats, 2 babies, 2 adults and a lottttt of shopping bags into this car!!!

Whilst we had the car we fitted our isofix car seat in it which is the Britax Dualfix. Definitely not a small car seat but it was the perfect fit in the Active Tourer and it’s always a bonus when the passenger doesn’t have to sit with their knees touching their chin because of a car seat in the back!

We had an absolute ball test driving this car and I will be so sad to give it back! I never really thought about BMW as a brand that makes ‘family cars’ but they have managed to merge the practicalities and needs of a car for families with the sleek design of a classic BMW and I love it! 

Thank you to the guys at Bowker BMW for lending us this car for our family weekend adventure! Keep an eye out for my Ribby Hall review coming very soon. 


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