It’s taken me a while (understatement of the year) to get this blog post up as I ummed and ahhed about whether to do it or not. This is probably more of quick recap of our time in Croatia rather than a ‘review’ so to speak. I do feel like holidays are so person specific that you can’t possibly please everyone (reason 101 why I should not spend hours on Trip Advisor) for example; something that I find really important in a holiday may have no relevance to someone else. However I have had a lot of questions about where we stayed in Croatia since I obviously instagramed the hell out of our first family holiday so I thought I would share a few details for those who have asked.

We stayed at the TUI Family Life Bellevue Resort in Rabac, Croatia. We chose Croatia because I’ve heard amazing things (the scenery did not disappoint!) and because the flight is just under 2 hours from Manchester! We booked through Thompson, something we had never done before. I am obsessed with booking holidays, it genuinely becomes a full time job and I research for hours, days, weeks and months. In the past I’ve always booked our hotel, flights and transfers separately so to book a package holiday was a new experience for me. Danny and I have only visited one all inclusive hotel before which we both hated . . (Okay it was just me who hated it). In all honesty I’ve never seen the appeal of eating in the same place every night as I love getting dressed up and going out on holiday (as it’s such a rarity at home). However with a 9 month in tow we figured AI would be our best bet as it meant no cooking or cleaning (if we did self catered) and as Evie does mostly BLW we thought it would be easy to eat from the buffet and also the added benefit of it being a family life hotel meant we weren’t worried about making a mess or being nosey at meal times!

As it got closer to our holiday we became slightly sceptical as this was a brand new hotel and the opening had been delayed by a few weeks so when we arrived it had only been open for 10 days. I stupidly joined a Facebook group as I wanted to keep up to date with what was going on however it was just a page for everyone to vent their anger and issues which in turn worried me even more so I quickly unfollowed that group! Thankfully when we arrived apart from a few expected teething problems everything was pretty much perfect! The hotel was stylish and modern, the location was stunning and the staff were lovely especially with Evie!

I’m not sure whether I’m a knitpicker (Danny would say yes) or that these issues we faced would annoy everyone but there was a shortage of highchairs so every mealtime became a bit stressful! We had to hover near someone who looked like they were about to leave in hope we could swipe their highchair which became extremely tedious by the 4th day. I know it was only the second week of them being open but you would think with it being a family life hotel they would have expected a lot of kids!? Also we stayed in the main reception block which was brand new (beautiful stylish and very modern) but their was only ONE lift in a block of 6 floors. Again, a family life hotel where the majority of people are bound to have prams and strollers and there was ONE lift!? Seems absolutely crazy to me! On a few occasions we ended up lugging a 22lb baby, a changing bag, a stroller and inflatables up 5 flights of stairs as the queue for the lift was ridiculous. Hopefully they will be able to address these issues as you do have to give them the benefit of doubt with it being such a new hotel.

At the hotel there were so many day beds as well as regular sun beds which I think made our holiday so much easier with Evie. Her and Danny spent a lot of time napping (winning at life when Daddy day care takes place in the shade and I can sunbathe) which meant we didn’t have to try to get her to nap in the pram very much.

We honestly had such a wonderful first family holiday and I really want to return to Croatia as it was so so beautiful! I hope this answers any questions I’ve had but please do feel free to drop me a comment or message on Instagram and I will get back to you.


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