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Is there a switch in your brain that suddenly flicks when you become pregnant to make you obsessed with prams? Surely there must be because before Evie I never once looked at a pram and thought ‘phhwoar’ yet now it’s a daily occurance. Yes a gorgeous looking pram was very high up on my list of priorities when I was pregnant but a couple of months into being a mother I realised there’s so much more to a pram than just how it looks. For me the older Evie got the more I could not be bothered lugging the heavy chassis in and out the car, clipping the seat on and off to dismantle it and also removing the wheels just so it fits in the boot. So you can imagine my excitement on discovering the BabyZen YoYo+, look how small it folds up!!! *Danny just stand there and act natural* queue the eye roll . . The poor life of an Instagram husband.

The BabyZen YoYo+ in my opinion is a hybrid between a pram and a stroller. It’s a little more fancy and a lot better looking than your ‘average’ stroller yet it’s so much lighter and niftier than a pram. We were extremely lucky to be gifted a YoYo+ (thank you BabyZen!) and I have honestly had a ball road testing it! When a Mum gets a new pram it’s the equivalent of a man getting a new car right!? The claim is that the YoYo+ stroller can do anything, anywhere! So we took it to the park, we took it round the shops, down cobbled streets, in coffee shops and obviosuly to Tesco. It folds and unfolds, it is unbelievably light (around 6kg), can be carried like a bag and can be one-hand driven. I kind of felt like I was pushing a go kart at times because it’s that nifty, there is no heaviness to it; even with a chunky Evie Pops in it it seems so light and effortless to push!

Obviosuly the biggest test of them all was WILL THE BABY WHO REFUSES TO SLEEP IN HER PRAM SLEEP!? And I am happy to report back SHE SLEPT. I was dubious at first as the hood comes down to a 90 degree (ish? I’m no mathmatician) angle and when trying to get the noseiest baby in all the land to sleep it’s usually essential to block her view from everything. However she drifted off to sleep with no problems whatsoever! The seat doesn’t recline flat like some other strollers, I would say it reclines to a 135 angle (oh I am laughing at myself, my sister would be proud as she’s a maths teacher) but I think Evie preferred that as she can be a bit of a crier when laid flat in a pram or stroller. *side note I just googled it and it’s a 140 degree recline*

One of the main selling points of the stroller is that when it’s collapsed it can be classed as an item of hand luggage and you can take it onboard most aeroplanes (as long as it fits within their hand luggage dimensions). I don’t know about you but have you ever flown to Palma airport and had to carry a 20 something lb baby all the way to the luggage carousel? Because I have. And let me tell you it’s near on back breaking. Having this stroller to hand as soon as you step off the plane is going to be game changer I’m telling you! *wondering now whether this is a good enough excuse to book a holiday!?*

If one of my ‘Mum friends’ (what a creepy term) asked me whether they should get a BabyZen YoYo+, my answer would be YES! I’m seriously impressed by it and me being the savvy forward thinker that I am even chose it in the colour grey as I knew I would use it for baby number 2 (if we are lucky enough) and therefore making it non gender specific. I say that because they do this in the most gorgggggeous ginger colour (a muted pink tone) which I kind of regret not getting . . but I keep having to remind myself I’ve been sensible by choosing grey. I just know we will get so much use out of this stroller that it seemed like the right thing to do by picking grey! Although they do sell separate fabric packs so you can swap and change colours to your heart’s content. On a final note as I feel I have rambled quite a bit (standard Emma) I thought I would just summarise some of the key features of the stroller . . . It fits into the overhead aeroplane storage when folded (H52 x W44 x D18cm), it has a good sized shopping basket, includes a raincover, has 4 wheel suspension, it’s a soft-drive system, fabrics are machine washable and interchangable and the hood has UPF 50+ protection. If you want to use the YoYo+ from birth you can simply just buy the newborn pack which is sold separately. The newborn pack transforms the stroller to a lie-flat parent facing pushchair. Once children reach six months of age, parents use the six month + pack which converts the YoYo+ into a forward facing stroller. TA DAH.

If you’re interested in the YoYo+ you can visit the BabyZen website by clicking here and check out all the different chassis and fabric colour combinations!

Thank you to BabyZen for kindly sponsoring this post. As always, I would only promote a brand or product that I believe in and all words and opinions are my own.


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