Be quids in with Quidco [AD]

The pre-baby, pre-homeowner Emma would quite literally rinse her bank account on payday on clothes, shoes, make-up, food, holidays without a second thought. Now I have a mortgage to pay and baby to provide for and after a 12 month stint on maternity pay you could say I’ve become quite the tactical spender. I’m not ‘stingy’ by any stretch of the imagination but I like to look out for a voucher code or do my research and see if I can find a cheaper price elsewhere. So when I do spend my hard earned cash it’s an added bonus if I can save myself a few quid or even make some money back!

I’ve spoken about Quidco many times before on my Instagram account and I must sound like a broken record at times. Even before I collaborated with them I was shouting about them from the rooftops and it wasn’t long ago that we switched energy suppliers via Quidco and received £40 cashback! If we were to have switched energy suppliers by going direct then we would have missed out on £40 cashback bonus. So, how does it work you ask? Simply put, when you spend money online and on the high street (after registering your debit card) with Quidco you then receive cash back on thousands of purchases. I initially found out about Quidco about 6 months before we were due to move into our first home, my friends in work told me about it and in all honestly I didn’t really think it was all that it was cracked up to be. I, dubious as ever, thought that there must be a catch somewhere!? However I signed up anyway via their recommendation and I began to purchase things like furniture and electrical goods for our new home. By the time we had kitted out our house with the essentials we ended up saving ourselves over £200 just through cashback we received!

So when Quidco got in touch and asked me to part of a campaign that involved online shopping (all in the name of research of course) I obviously jumped at the chance! They asked me to track my purchases for 2 weeks to see how much cashback I could make on everyday items. As much as I thought this was a brilliant idea I did also think this could possibly end in divorce when Danny sees an itemised list of all my spending. So during the 2 week period I made 8 purchases via the Quidco website, one of them being train tickets to London (Chrizz Up here I come!!) which is something I would never have thought to do before. There is actually a whole section dedicated to travel where you can earn cashback on train tickets, hotel rooms, airlines etc so this is something I am definitely going to make a note for all future getaways! The other purchases I made during the 2 weeks consisted of 2 transactions to Dominos Pizza (am I giving away all my dirty secrets here?!) and a few Christmas present purchases from online retailers such as The White Company, Boohoo and ASOS (at the time of purchase Asos actually had an offer on of 10% cashback!). So *drum roll please* . . In total over the 2 week period I made £8.54 in cashback. That’s £8.54 from simply clicking through a website, £8.54 made through money I would have spent anyway, £8.54 being returned to my bank account. The way I look at it is you might not always make a huge amount of cashback in one transaction, for example my cashback from Dominos Pizza tracked at £0.38, however even from a 2 week period it’s clear to see that it all adds up!

It’s so simple to sign up and at the moment there is a £10 welcome bonus for new customers (just in time for you to begin your Christmas shopping!) all you need to do is click here. It’s so quick and easy to register, all you need to do is enter a couple of details, and then you will be able to benefit from genuine rewards just simply from shopping via the Quidco website. For me, it’s a no brainer. I earn money back from shopping, it goes straight into my bank account, it’s absolutely free and I can also use it to my advantage to convince my husband it’s totally fine that all these parcels turn up to our house every day!

Thank you to Quidco for kindly sponsoring this post. As always, I would only promote a brand or product that I believe in and all words and opinions are my own.


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