Spark their imagination with Carousel [AD]

It’s something I’ve talked about before on my blog that during this crazy journey called motherhood more often than not something crops up and slaps my pre baby naive self in the face. For example when I was pregnant and I purchased an all white play mat for Evie because I thought it would look ‘lovely’ in my lounge and it went with the colour scheme. Well fast forward to when she was born and I soon realised she wasn’t reallllly getting any stimulation from it so I swapped it for an all singing, all dancing, all flashing brightly coloured play mat. Not only did she enjoy it much more even from a very young age but it also made me feel a million times better knowing she was getting some stimulation and sensory development from her new play mat. But it’s hard isn’t it, knowing what your baby will like and what your baby won’t!? I can’t tell you the amount of toys I’ve got piled up in a box that she just didn’t really take to or she grew out of super quickly. As a parent you want them to enjoy playing with their toys but you also want to know that it’s aiding their development, testing their little brains and sparking their imaginations. Because after all we have big dreams for these little people.

We were very kindly sent a selection of toys from the brand Carousel which is exclusive to Tesco. Evie must have thought Christmas had come early as we started to set the toys up in her bedroom she was so excited and she immediately toddled over to lion and gave him a hug!Carousel Let’s Play Drum and Piano Set £24

If you are a frequent viewer of my Instagram stories you might *most definitely will* have seen Evie dancing away. She’s not fussy with her choice of tune as long as it has a beat she can shake her shoulders to she’s going to throw some shapes! So as you can imagine she loves anything that’s musical; even when it comes to her little toy kitchen all she tends to do is bang the metal pans together to make a tune. So this  duo toy set which is made up of a drum and a xylophone (which can also be used as a piano) is an absolute hit with Eves. It has 10 different musical sounds, flashing lights and bright colours which grabbed her attention straight away. She seemed to pick it up pretty quickly and figured out she could make the best noises by picking up the yellow stick and hitting the drum!

Carousel Play and Learn Cube £24

Next up is the play and learn cube which is made up of 5 interactive sides. Toys such as this definitely appeal to Evie’s inquisitive nature as there are so many different components for her to explore. From buttons with flashing lights, a spin the rattle and a flip book with animals there’s plenty of things to keep her brain ticking over. That’s what I love about sitting with her and watching her play is she’ll prompt me to join and and she wanted me to flip the pages of the book and talk through the animals with her where we did all the sounds.

Carousel Wriggly Lion £8

Sometimes a picture just speaks a thousand words. Although this wriggly lion is from 0+ months it’s clear to see it’s not too young even for a 14 month old! Evie beamed from ear to ear as soon as I showed her this and the first thing she did was give it a big hug (too cuuuuuute). It’s made so that it can clip to a cot, stroller or play mat and it’s definitely something she would have also loved as a newborn but now she’s a bit older it’s lovely to see her interact with it giving it hugs and kisses and playing with the spinning rattle. This is one of those staple toys I’d throw in the changing bag and give her if we were eating out and she needed entertaining!

Carousel Music and Learning Table £35

Finally we have this beautiful wooden activity table. I mean with 4.8 out of 5 stars and 135 reviews on the Tesco website it kind of speaks for itself! Not only is it wooden which gives it an extra special feel to it (wooden toys are just so beautiful aren’t they!?) but it’s also an ideal height and perfectly proportioned to encourage little ones to stand and walk. This table is made up of 6 different activities and again it incorporates musical elements which obviously Evie loved! As with most of the carousel toys you’re getting serval different activities on one toy meaning that it’s really cost effective. They’re all so versatile and have the longevity to grow alongside your baby. Evie is pretty obsessed with animals at the moment and we’re learning all the noises (currently her favourites are woo-woo for a dog and wack wack for a duck) so this was a big hit with her! The activity table encourages parent and child interaction (depending on age) as Evie wanted me to show her how to drop the animal shaped building blocks through the relevant holes so she could then copy what I did. I just love the fact she is constantly learning new things alongside playing and having fun.

Carousel toys are available to buy from Tesco and they would make amazing Christmas presents. These are the kind of toys that spark children’s imaginations and involve engaging ways to play so they have fun for longer, time and time again. Their range starts from 0 months all the way up to 8 years old so there are plenty of new worlds to explore through play as your child gets older.

This post was kindly sponsored by Tesco but as always I would only ever work with brands that I believe in and I feel like nothing reiterates this more than the fact I have previously purchased Carousel toys for Evie such as the floor piano which we both love! I would never recommend something I didn’t trust and love myself. As a first time parent it can be a minefield trying to make a purchase for your child whether that be a pram, furniture or toys so I am always on the look out for recommendations and reviews from other Mums whose opinion I trust. 


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