What 2017 has taught me

  1. Take advantage of the months where your baby can’t move.
  2. Baby weight is hard to lose when you love cake
  3. It’s okay to have a messy house
  4. Bath bombs are overrated
  5. Becoming a mother has helped me to chill out (weirdly)
  6. I’ll never be as skinny as I was on my wedding day
  7. Instagram is a HIGHLIGHT REEL
  8. Not everyone is going to like you (but they don’t need to actually tell you they don’t like you because that’s RUDE!
  9. Going back to work wasn’t actually that bad
  10. Now I have a child my food will never be my own again
  11. Maternity leave can be lonely AF
  12. Toddlers + Christmas trees = hell
  13. Swim nappies can not replace normal nappies. Piss everywhere.
  14. RIP pelvic floor
  15. Not having to fill in my brows is a GAME CHANGER
  16. I’m a die hard Jezza Corbyn fan
  17. No one is winging motherhood we’re actually all trying really f*****g hard
  18. Evie hates Father Christmas
  19. People on Instagram can be more supportive than people you know in real life
  20. Your 1 year old will not give a crap about opening presents and would rather sit in a cardboard box
  21. Hangovers + parenting = disaster
  22. Husbands won’t understand why Emma Bridgewater mugs are £20
  23. Time moves at the speed of light when you have children
  24. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about
  25. You don’t have to share everything on social media in order to be ‘real’. Part of your life can be public and part of it can be private.
  26. Everyone’s kids have tantrums
  27. Brexit is shit
  28. I’m a bit of a grandma who loves early nights and pyjamas over a night out
  29. Buying clothes for your child is an addiction
  30. I spend too much time on my phone

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