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As previously mentioned on my Instagram this year me and Evie Pops are so excited that we are working with Johnson’s Baby and we are part of the Johnson’s Baby Ambassadors team. The reason I’m so excited about this is because they have took on board feedback, listened and understood that things needs to be done in a different way. They want to work closely with bloggers and be honest and transparent with their consumers and build a genuine relationship. We spent a day in London with Johnson’s Baby learning all about what goes on behind the scenes and the science aspect of a product and also clearing up and debunking some popular myths about ingredients.

If you take a minute to think about what makes you buy a product. If you really think hard about what made you stop and pick up that product off a supermarket shelf what is it? Because I know for me 99% of the time it boils down to the way it is marketed alongside word of mouth. I will be the first to admit I’m a ‘marketers dream’ I see things on the label, words such as ‘organic’, ‘free from’, ‘no *this* or no *that*’ and I am like well obviously this makes the product ‘better’ so I will buy it. Do I know anything else about what is in that product? Nope. Do I know it is safer or better than any other product? Nope. Have I fallen hook line a sinker for a marketing 101. Yes, yes I have.


Johnson’s baby is something that has been used by my family for as long as I can remember. It’s just one of those brands from my childhood that sticks in my head. My Nana used it, my Mum used it and then I used it on Evie since she was born. However Johnson’s has seemed to be getting a bit of a bad reputation recently, among other things there was an article flying around the internet making pretty strong claims and accusations over what Johnson’s uses as ingredients in their products. Like any normal person there is a tendency to believe what you read on the internet, I’m not sure why but I have fallen for it in the past too, that sometimes because it’s written in black and white and been ‘published’ that you automatically believe it? I want to be as honest as I can be here and I know that’s what Johnson’s want to achieve from their new way of working with bloggers. I will admit now that when I read that article I was worried, you see something like that making all of these accusations about products you use on your baby and you worry, of course you do!! However I always try to do my research before believing what I read and I always like to see two sides of a story. I headed over to the Johnson’s baby website where they have a whole section dedicated to FAQS around safety and ingredients. At the time this did put my mind at ease and I felt reassured by the information however since then I’ve also had the opportunity to meet with Johnson’s Baby, talk to them face to face and ask every question imaginable. If you would like to look for yourself then you can find all the information on ingredients and safety here.

The main thing I learnt from spending the day with Johnson’s is that ingredients aren’t automatically ‘bad’ just because they have long and confusing names. In fact everything is made up of ingredients and chemicals. Again, maybe naively? I always thought a chemical was a negative thing! Something that really opened my eyes was an article we were shown which was written by an Australian chemistry teacher which I will link here which is titled ‘What if natural products came with a list of ingredients?‘ This was a real eye opener for me because when we were presented this on the day we weren’t able to see what ‘product’ we were looking at the ingredients for until after. So to realise things such as blueberries, bananas and eggs have a list of ‘scary ingredients’ too just shows that they’re really not that scary at all once you know what each one of them means and gain an understanding. I honestly don’t want this to come across as me preaching in any way but I was so mind blown by some of the stuff that I learnt that it I genuinely want to share this information with you so as a consumer you can be informed too.

I think it’s easy to get lost in the ‘myths’, the ‘jargon’, the so called ‘facts’ that fly around the internet and via word of mouth and I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t being doing but with the help of Johnson’s I have become more educated and more informed. As I’ve said previously this campaign isn’t about ‘selling’ a particular product, it’s about educating people and having the facts and information for you to make your own informed decision.


This post was kindly sponsored by Johnson’s as I am working with them this year as a baby ambassador but as always all words and opinions are my own.


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