CBeebies Land

I honestly never saw myself as a CBeebies hotel kinda parent. As horrible as it sounds even two years ago when I was pregnant I would have described this as my idea of hell. More primary colours than you can shake a stick at, kids running round everywhere, overpriced food and absolutely zero chill. But then you give birth and you realise you’d sit through endless hours of mini discos and character meet and greets to see the excitement on their face. I am now a converted woman. Not only did Evie have absolute time of her life, so did Danny and I. And I won’t lie I fangirled when Evie I met Ubercorn.

Obviously because I spammed the hell out of this trip on Instagram stories I had quite a few messages so thought it would be best to cover all bases in a blog post. We booked this in January and paid £265 for the 3 of us for an overnight stay at the CBeebies land hotel (we upgraded to Mr Tumble’s room #obvz) this was bed & breakfast and included passes to the park for all of us (under 2’s go free) for the Thursday and Friday. If you want to visit CBeebies Land just for the day as far as I’m aware you have to pay for a full adult ticket for entry into Alton Towers because CBeebies Land is inside Alton Towers. I do think this is pretty cheeky because you’re hardly going to leave your kids on their own and buzz off oblivion are you but once you’re in you do have access to absolutely everything. I would start off by saying don’t bother going if your child is under 0.9 metres because there are so many rides you can’t get on under this height, for example you need to over 0.9 metres and ride with an adult to get on the Octonauts rollercoaster. This didn’t really bother us too much as Evie still had the time of her life running round and exploring everything but we were lucky with the weather and also we didn’t have to queue more than 5 minutes for anything. Now that I’ve been there’s no way I’d go in peak time with a toddler because you can queue for over an hour at a time and can you even imagine trying to explain to a toddler you’re waiting to get on a ride and you have to stand here and not move (don’t know about you but Evie would take no bloody notice). We were in the queue for the Postman Pat ride for about 3 minutes and Evie still found it hard to wait her turn and tried to peg it to the front (hahahaha). We were so so lucky that it was beautiful weather and it was really quiet as it just made everything a lot easier.

As we went during off peak the opening times were between 10am-4pm so after the rides closed we walked around Alton Towers grounds before going back to the hotel. We tried our luck in the hope Evie would have a nap in the pram so we walked from the park to the hotel which took about 15 mins and you guessed it, she didn’t nap. Obvs when we booked the hotel we couldn’t not chose the Mr Tumble room; he’s Evie’s idol, her face lights up every time he comes on the TV and the room didn’t disappoint! Even as an adult I was pretty impressed with how cool it was! I think for a themed room it was about £30 more at the time to booking than a standard room but in my opinion definitely worth it especially if your child has a particular CBeebies favourite as they have a Postman Pat room, In the Night Garden, Octonauts and a couple of others too.

It’s definitely not a room for the faint hearted or those who easily get a headache but Evie was living her best life and that’s all that matters! Obviously as you would expect everything was so child friendly, a Tommee Tippee nappy bin in the bathroom, a step under the sink, an extra toilet seat attached for little bottoms and a travel cot already in the cupboard so you don’t have to ring down to reception and ask them for the 98th time.

We ate in the Windmill restaurant for dinner that evening and then also for breakfast the next day. Again it was all focused around the kids, a free salad bar (where Evie took a particular liking to the kidney beans), a pizza sticker pack when you sit down, an option of a high chair or a booster seat and the staff were so lovely and really great with the kids. We didn’t eat until half 6/7 which is usually Eves bedtime and she’d been having fun all day at the park and no nap so she was getting a bit restless at the table and our waitress went out of her way to bring out Evie’s food as soon as possible for us. Then there is entertainment for kids going on throughout the whole evening, from discos to shows to bedtime stories.

As I mentioned earlier part of the package we booked was passes to the park for both days but as we woke up on the Friday and it was torrential rain we decided to go to the Splash Landings water park instead, which by the way is amazing! Luckily we didn’t have to pay as part of the deal with having the park passes was free entry to the water park (which I didn’t know so was a total bonus!) It’s amazing especially for kids and there’s so much to do. Like always a ‘break’ away with kids is never really a break, you don’t chill out especially if you’re ‘relaxing’ in Mr Tumble’s room at night (haha!) but I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world! Seeing Evie’s face light up round every corner is priceless to us and being able to fully relax in a hotel without worrying your child is throwing sweet corn on the floor or running wild round the gift shop is pretty bloody priceless too.

I hope this answers all the questions I’ve had over the past few days but it not just pop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you.



  1. Hannah
    May 25, 2018 / 9:09 pm

    Hi, we’re going in July, did you do a meet and great at all with the characters?

    • lifethroughems
      May 25, 2018 / 9:14 pm

      Hi, no we didn’t bother queueing for it but there was one to meet iggle piggle or upsy daisy. We got to meet Ubercorn outside the CBeebies hotel x

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