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I know some people love investing in skincare and haircare and make up and will never stray from their high end products and pre baby I was probably one of them too. But I’m sure if anyone hasn’t mentioned it before? But kids are pricey AF. My priorities have changed when it comes to spending money and although I still like to spend money on myself (and so I bloody should) if I can save a few pounds here and there and not have to compromise on quality then it’s a win win! I’ve just complied a little list of my favourite budget beauty buys which I completely rate!

First up is this shampoo and conditioner from the mothership that is Home Bargains! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m a Home Bargains whore. Can I say that? Slightly inappropriate? Hey ho it’s my blog. I bloody love for that shop and the other week I stumbled across these and thought I’d give them a go at only 79p a pop. I’m just sick to death of spending between £5-£10 on shampoo and conditioner when I’m pretty lucky and my hair isn’t even that high maintenance. I was using Aussie for a while because I’d heard good things about it and it just made my hair so dry! And at about £6 a bottle it’s hardly a steal. So anyway I saw this and thought I’d give it a whirl and to my surprise I bloody love it. For my hair which is thick, naturally wavy, don’t use heat very often and no real maintenance needed it’s perfect. The conditioner is amazing for 79p!!! And in my eyes shampoo is shampoo so that also works a treat. In my opinion I can’t think of any other shampoo or conditioner anywhere near this price bracket that I’ve been impressed with so this is a permanent fixture in my shower for the foreseeable future.

Next up we have the Johnson’s no more tangled leave in conditioner spray. And I know what you’re thinking, what the hell Emma you’re not 4 years old!? So I bought this for Evie because her hair is getting so long (she’s well overdue a trim) and shampoo along just wasn’t cutting the mustard. So the first time I used this on her I kid you not it was like witnessing a miracle. I brushed her hair and she didn’t not flinch, not once. Usually it’s like wresting like a monkey trying to brush her hair, because you know that drama queen liiiiiife. So then the next day after I had a showered and it was out on the side I picked it up and prayed it worked a miracle on my hair too. My hair is prone to knots because I don’t brush it EVER unless I’ve just got out the shower, you know frizzy hair probs. Not only did it make it so much easier to get a brush through my hair but the next morning after letting it dry naturally I had smooth, soft curls rather than frizzy waves. Now a solid staple in my ‘haircare routine’ if you can even call it that.

Then we have the holy grail. And in true Friends style ‘The one that everyone is talking about’. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you will have seen this range allllll over Instagram. It’s the Naturally Radiant range from Superdrug and this is a dupe of the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. I can’t say much more than this is amazing. Go.and.buy.it. The product just speaks for itself, in fact the whole range does. My skin has NEVER been better and as an adult acne sufferer and having been on a 9 month course of roaccutane I never thought I’d be where I am today with my skin. Trust me I’ve used them all Emma Hardie, Clarins, Clinique, Alpha H . . . The list goes on but for quality and price in my opinion nothing beats this range.

Next up is the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan. I’m not a regular tanner, in all honesty I can’t be arsed but when I do, I use this. It’s cheap (around £6 from Primark I think!?), it’s quick, it’s easy to use and I’ve never had any mishaps or streaky-ness from it. I prefer it to St Mortiz as it just feels of a little higher quality and in the past when using St Mortiz it has a tendency to go green pretty quick. A tan that you can put on for one hour and wash off and have a bit of colour and a glow is always a winner in my eyes.

I bought this Collection velvet kiss in the colour Rosie (red) after seeing the gorgeous Kayla (@luna_and_mamafran) wearing it. They’re only £2.99 each (!!) but they’re so creamy to apply and then dry down matte so last a good 3-4 hours. I personally hate anything too matte as I find them drying and I don’t like anything that stains your lips. I was also sent a few other colours from Collection and I can confirm these are just as lovely as the red with my absolute favourite being this nude colour which is called Drama Llama. Best.name.ever!?!?

I know Juicy Couture is so basic and extremely 2002 but I just adore their perfumes. Honestly they are incredible and last so long, this is the Viva La Juicy Noir, it’s pretty sweet smelling and quite different to the original (which I also love) but the 100ml bottle from All Beauty is only £34.95!! Bloody bargain!

And last but by no means least (because I rely on it everyday) is dry shampoo. This one is by Girlz Only (cringing on that z) and up until about a year ago I never strayed from Batiste because it did the job, until I stumbled across this is Tesco. It’s only £2 for 200ml compared to the Batiste brunette one which is £4! I really do rate this product the only thing I would have to say is when you get about 3/4 of the way through the can you can tell it’s starting to run out as it doesn’t spray as well. Other than that I think it’s great; you don’t get any chalky pay off or brown colour all over your forehead like some of the other dry shampoos and it does exactly what you need it to. I really do prefer this over Batiste regardless of the price tag!

So that’s it, my current favourite budget beauty buys. These are all absolute firm favourites of mine now regardless of the price tag and I don’t feel like I’m comprising on quality at all which is the best thing about it. Let me know in the comments if there’s any other bargains I should be keeping my eye out for!


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