Finding my style post baby

I’m not sure I even had a ‘style’ before I had Evie in all honesty but what I could do was walk into a shop pick something up off the hanger and say ‘yeah that will suit me’. I knew my body shape. I knew what would suit me. And I knew what wouldn’t suit me. Then I had a baby.

I completely lost my ability to shop. I forgot how to dress myself in things that weren’t jeans and a t shirt. I know a lot of people say they lose a bit of themselves when they become a Mum and I honestly never felt like that, I really did feel like I finally found myself. But maybe I did lose a bit of my identity without really realising it? It’s only now that I feel like I’m on the other side that looking back I hid my ‘post baby bod’ in jumpers and jeans.

Surprisingly it’s not taken me some dramatic weight loss overhaul or to ‘shed the baby weight’ to find my style again, all it’s taken is giving zero fucks and a sprinkling of confidence. Quite frankly I’m a good couple of stone heavier than I was on my wedding day, but it’s my outlook that has changed which has helped me be able to wear something more than jeans and a t shirt. For example for so long I’ve lived in skinny jeans because they quite obviously make your legs look skinny. I put off buying MOM jeans for such a long time because I didn’t think I was ‘trendy’ enough or they wouldn’t suit my shape. I bit the bullet and purchased those MOM jeans and do you know what I bloody love them. They’re comfy AF and newsflash you don’t have to be bang on ‘trend’ (whatever that even means) to wear something, you’ve just got to feel yourself and comfortable in it! I’ve left my comfort zone but in fact I feel the most comfortable I’ve felt in a long time.


Instagram has helped massively to push me out of my comfort zone and it’s given me the confidence to wear things I would normally shy away from. I love following real people, real Mum’s who share their outfits and have amazing style. I’ve never really followed the typical ‘fashion bloggers’ as I always felt like I couldn’t relate to cropped tops and bodycon dresses. But when it comes to dressing myself I usually have this tendency to head straight towards outfits where my legs are hidden and my arms are covered but more recently I’ve been ‘braving’ it and I’m learning I can actually wear whatever I want because it’s my body. I’ve rediscovered my love for clothes and shopping and although Instagram is a total enabler and my bank balance doesn’t look so fresh, it’s brought the old me back!


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