Raising Girls With Curls [AD]

The million dollar question. If I’ve been asked it once, I’ve been asked it a million times. Did I have heartburn during pregnancy? Nope. Not one ounce of heartburn. In fact I don’t even know what heartburn feels like. Even the midwife couldn’t believe it when I gave birth and Evie arrived with her long luscious thick black hair. I don’t know why but it’s just funny isn’t it seeing a newborn baby with a full head of hair?! So the whole heartburn in pregnancy = a baby with a lot of hair thing . . .Who even knows if it’s true or it’s just an old wives’ tale but it’s pretty well documented that when you have heartburn during pregnancy it can mean your baby will have lots of hair. Well maybe I’m the exception then as I had no heartburn at all and one very hairy baby!

Here she is, my tiny gorgeous bundle of babe, just 9 days old with all that hair! We were told by the midwives and lots of other people that she would lose her hair (like most babies) and then it would eventually start to grow back, but it didn’t. It just kept on growing and growing and growing. And now here we are at nearly 2 years old (ahhhhhh time slow down) and her hair is half way down her back! Just think of all of that clipping it back, tying it up, washing spaghetti out of it, towel drying it, brushing it, plaiting it and she’s not even 2 yet!

I’ll be honest, as always, I had no idea that a baby’s hair was any different to adults hair and I probably never thought about caring for Evie’s hair in any ‘special’ way. It was really interesting to learn as a Johnson’s ambassador just how in the same way that baby’s skin is different to adult’s skin that in fact baby hair and also children’s hair is different to adult’s hair! Therefore it needs caring for in different ways. Since Evie’s hair has started to get a little longer I noticed that baby shampoo alone just wasn’t cutting the mustard, her hair was becoming difficult to brush and because it is so long it’s prone to knots. That’s when we started using Johnson’s Shiny Drops (or No More Tangles) shampoo and conditioner. Yep that’s right, a conditioner for babies. Who knew? Because I didn’t!? Maybe I’m just late to the proverbial party as always, but honestly for us it’s a game changer! Shiny drops has a drop of argon oil and added silk proteins so it’s great for getting soft, shiny and silky hair. And No More Tangles does exactly what is says on the tin.

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The Shiny Drops and No More Tangles range are also part of a 3 step hair care routine which is to shampoo, then condition and finally finish with a leave in conditioning spray; which you will have heard me harp on about before because I rate it so much! In fact it’s in one of my most recent blogs posts Budget Beauty Buys because I even use it on myself I love it that much! It might seem a lot for a baby’s hair using 3 different products but I 100% notice the difference between when using the 3 step routine and when we don’t (ahem Daniel! Husbands are just lazy aren’t they?). From using the 3 step rotuine with Evie first and foremost her hair is in much better condition and you can tell it’s been nourished properly but also it just makes it so much easier to brush her hair. It’s usually a bit of a struggle and a bit of a fight to get her long locks brushed and we bribe her with cBebbies to keep her still (which doesn’t really work to be honest) but there are definitely less knots and less effort is exerted when we use the 3 step system and finish with the conditioning spray. She loves it even more now because I use it on my hair and if she sees Mummy doing it then obviously its pretty damn cool (yay to being 22 months and thinking you’re Mum is cool) and in standard toddler behaviour if I have it, she has to have it to!

When I was pregnant I was desperate to find out the gender of our baby, it was like I needed to know for it to feel real! I don’t know about you, but when I found out we were having a girl I pictured all these cliché gender specific things in my head like buying hundreds of pretty dress (which in actual fact are impractical, they get filthy and babies can’t even crawl in them. So leggings it is then.), or making their room so pink that Barbie could quite happily live there (when actually you end up having so many pink clothes before they’re even born that you’re already sick of the sight of it) and then there is imagining you sitting there brushing your daughters long flowing locks and tying a pretty pink (yes pink) ribbon in her hair whilst you develop that beautiful mother/daughter bond (when in fact your child acts like a WWE wrestling character as soon as you approach with a bobble and a brush and won’t even sit still for 0.7 seconds never mind the time it take to do a french plait!). Real life parenting is nothing like you imagined it would be. It’s not a bed of roses and it’s flippin’ hard work. Washing her hair can be hard work, brushing her hair can be even harder work but we make it happen. And no it’s not like how I imagined it at all, to be all girly and cutesy, the reality is; it’s water up the bathroom walls, bubbles everywhere, having to chase her round the house with the hairbrush and bribing her to let me put a bobble in her hair. But this is our crazy and we love it!

This post was kindly sponsored by Johnson’s as I am working with them this year as a baby ambassador but as always all words and opinions are my own.


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