Your Feed, Your Rules.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but I’m just not the ‘professional’ type. I really can’t take myself seriously, although maybe sometimes I should, I find it really hard. Half the time I go to ‘events’ and end up having one too many wines and giggling my way out the building with a bunch of new friends whilst others might be taking that all important pic for the gram, mine will be a bit blurry, not quite posed and edited on my iPhone. It’s a world of comparison that we live in now with social media being at the forefront of most stuff that we do. Got a new bag. Instagram it. Got a question. Ask Facebook. Going on holiday. Instagram story it. Want to slag off a z lister. Tweet it. Social media is for sharing. I get that. I myself am guilty of over sharing. Sometimes when I’m on holiday I think to myself why am I sharing this? Is it because I’m bragging that I’m on holiday? But I genuinely don’t think it is. It’s just what we do now isn’t it. We’ve become accustomed to sharing our everyday lives. It’s become natural to us. And because we all share our lives so much, invest in what others are doing and subconsciously take so much of this in then it’s so important how you chose to curate what we see every day.

I saw a quote recently “Treat Instagram like your morning newspaper”. And it’s rang so true with me. Of course you need to tailor what you see and read so that it suits you and you enjoy it! I certainly wouldn’t pick up *that* newspaper (that shall not be named) and sit on a morning commute and read it. Because it’s a load of shite. I don’t have them same opinions as that newspaper and it doesn’t bring me anything but annoyance so why would I read it? Well the same goes for Instagram, if someone is annoying you, you don’t like their content, their opinions, their morals then unfollow them. I promise you it will make your internet space a better place!

A long time ago I vowed never to follow those skinny, gorgeous, fashionable, jet setting huns. Not because I hate them and through no fault of their own (probably my own insecurities more than anything) but they make me feel shit. End of. And if something isn’t aspirational or relatable to you then you don’t need it in your life. As much as they look like they’re having a fab time on their 97 holidays, I don’t aspire to that. I aspire to be the best mother I can be, excel in my career and try and get 3 loads of washing done in a week. Yeah not very aspirational hey? But that’s my reality and I love it. And it’s what I’ve always wanted. You see here’s the thing, it’s different strokes for different folks, we’re not all made to like the same things and have the same opinions or life would be boring. If you didn’t like someone in real life you’d distance yourself from them, not reply to their texts albeit even run away from them in Tesco. So social media should be no different. If you don’t like someone unfollow them. I promise you it will do you the world of good.

So if you do one thing today then unfollow that person who grinds your gears. Go a week without seeing them pop on up your feed and see if it makes a difference to your social media and how it makes you feel. Curate your feed to be full of aspirational and relatable people, people who lift you up and inspire you. I’m working hard on trying to clear the negativity that Instagram can sometimes bring and I think this is the first place to start.

P.s. Instagram now has a mute button so if you don’t want to offend Ballsy Brenda who you might bump in to in B&M then just mute that hun and she will be none the wiser.


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  1. August 16, 2018 / 9:22 am

    Love this, you will now find me unfollowing at least 10 people phaha! Love you! xx

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