Center Parcs -Woburn Forest

One of my oldest childhood memories is holidaying in Center Parcs with my whole family. I remember the bunk beds, the ducks, the squirrels, the swimming. It has a real place in my heart and it is just one of those places that makes me all nostalgic and sentimental. I returned to Center Parcs as a mother for the first time in January 2017 with a 4 month old Evie Pops, Danny, Lils, Kieran, Abs and a baby Isla. It was honestly one of the best holidays ever because 23 years ago it was Lil and I who were on holiday together and now we were back but this time with our kids! After that I knew I wanted to make it a tradition and ago back every year to make more memories with Evie. We booked to go in January 18 but I never made it due to having the flu so as I sat at home feeling veryyyyy sorry for myself I re-booked to for her 2nd birthday!

As a kid we always visited Sherwood Forest (which will alwaaaaays be my fave!) and I’ve been back there four times as an adult, Whinfell once and then this was our first time at Woburn. Normally we would have booked to go back to Sherwood however they had sold out of lodges where you can bring your dog and if there was ever a way to describe my Mum it would be ‘crazy dog lady’. What I would say about Woburn is it’s definitely more modern than Sherwood, The Plaza is amazing as is the beach and waterfront. However it feels at lot smaller (not actually sure if it is!?) and it’s very hilly. Something I don’t appreciate when riding around with nearly 3 stone of toddler in a trailer! MY THIGHS BURN.

Even without booking hundreds of activities there’s always something to do. I’m not going to lie the main reason we love Center Parcs so much is because of the subtropical swimming paradise! It’s honestly amazing and you could spend all day there, it was so lovely this year to see Evie running wild loving all of the slides, splash pools and waves. We booked a cabana too (sometimes they’re a bit pricey but in my opinion always worth it) they have a fridge, a tv, sun beds, towels and a safe in them and it’s nice to have a base to go back to and chill out and eat. We tend to book the evening slot (as it’s always cheaper) you get it for 3 hours and we always make an evening of it and get a takeaway for our dinner!

Like I said above we never usually book too many activities as it’s quite pricey even just booking the holiday and to hire the bikes (£93 for two adult bikes and a trailer!!!). In the past I’ve done a trip to the spa at Sherwood but never really rated it in terms of value for money and to me it seems pretty over priced for the quality of spa experience you get. We did end up booking a couple of activities this year; my Mum booked on to a Pilates class, Dad and Danny played crazy golf and Eves did a messy play session. Other than that we spent a lot of time cycling, swimming, eating, feeding the ducks, visiting the ponies or at the play ground. We had an amazing week as we always do whenever we’re at Center Parcs and it was so lovely to celebrate Evie’s 2nd birthday in a place that we love so much!


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  1. Rose Priestley
    September 21, 2018 / 11:16 am

    Aww it looks amazing! I’ve never been to center parcs but it’s somewhere I’m desperate to go!! We have a little girl who’s just over 1 so thought it would be a great time to take her now she’s walking and can join in on things. Even though you had a great time would you still recommend Sherwood Forest as the number one to go to? Thanks xxx

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