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For a lot of people breakfast is their favourite meal of the day. For me, not so much. I lack inspiration and 99% of the time I just end up having good old cereal and milk or toast. Boring I know! I’m quick to blame not having the time but it’s more likely to be I’m not making any effort. Howevvvver since we got our Breville Blend Active ColourMix Family Blender and since I’ve been working with Breville it’s really encouraged to be more adventurous with breakfasts and think of new ways, new recipes and new hacks to use in the kitchen. Using the Blend Active is a really quick and easy way incorporate more healthy ingredients into our mornings as a family. It’s encouraged me google recipes and look for ideas for different ways I can use it as well as having our favourite smoothie drinks.

The advantage of the ColourMix family blender is that it comes with four bottles and four lids (meaning there is one for each family member, don’t worry if you have a bigger family as you can buy additional ones here) because if you’re anything like us we’re forever searching for the matching tops and lids for our Tupperware and drinks bottles. Evie loves it because she’s got the same bottle as Mummy and Daddy and obviously when you’re two years old that is cool! It also comes with the standard blade, a whipping disc and a juicer. The specially designed bottles and super-seal sports cap means there’s no mess made if you use them on the go. Basically it’s really simple to use, extremely family friendly and super versatile!

So I decided to mix it up a little and create my first ever smoothie bowl! I’ve seen these all over the Instagram ‘foodie’ accounts and they look amazing! I basically just googled a recipe and got the general jist and made it up as I went along (standard Emma) but you can use whatever fruit you like and tailor it to your taste. Here is what I used to make mine.

Smoothie mixture:

  • 1 frozen bananas
  • 100ml Apple juice
  • Half a cup of frozen raspberries
  • A handful of blackberries
  • A few scoops of natural yoghurt


  • Half a banana
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Nutty trail mix

The thing about a smoothie bowl is you can use the same ingredients you would when making your ‘standard’ smoothie and then jazz it up with toppings using anything from nuts to dried fruit to seeds. I do like to add a little bit of thick yoghurt to it so the texture is creamier and thicker and it makes it a little more substantial as it’s really filling. The great thing about the Breville Blend Active ColourMix family blender is that you can blend in short sharp bursts at the touch of a button which is key when making a smoothie bowl as the more you blend the mixture the more it will become a thinner liquid.

When I say it’s quick and easy to use, I mean it! The smoothie was blended within 30 seconds and all I did was pour it straight into my bowl and add my toppings. Whilst I was at it I also chopped up my left over fruit and portioned it off into freezer bags and added a handful of berries to each one because next time I come to make my morning smoothie which I take to work I will have my fruit already portioned up and frozen and ready to throw into the blender. I think being the perfectionist I am I would like to work on my presentation skills (how do they get them to look so good on Instagram!?) but for my first attempt I’m pretty impressed and after all it’s the taste test that matters the most!

The Breville Blend Active ColourMix family blender is now a staple in our kitchen! I won’t pretend we always use it to be super healthy, there has been a creamy chocolate milkshake (or two!) made in there as well but for the majority of them time it’s a quick and easy way to add healthy nutritious ingredients into our sometimes hectic lifestyle! If you have a fussy toddler who one day decides they hate all fruit, try a smoothie, it might blow their mind!!! You can check out the Breville Blend Active ColourMix family blender here and as I mentioned before you can also find extra parts and accessories on the website too!

This post was kindly sponsored by Breville as I am working with them this year as one of their brand ambassadors but as always all words and opinions are my own.


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