When In Rome

In my opinion the true beauty of Rome cannot be captured in a photograph. I kept taking photos and saying to Danny ‘they just don’t do it justice’! Although don’t get me wrong you can take some nice pictures when you’re there, they just don’t compare to how breathtaking and bewildering everything feels when seeing it first hand. I accidentally only took my macro lens (which is a super zoomed in lens) for my camera so could barely get any decent pictures unless I was a hundred miles away and then there’s the camera on my phone which is broken (honestly don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before) but I’m actually quite glad it turned out that way. I took a lot less photos than I normally would and although I do love photography it was quite nice just to enjoy it all for what it was. Rome is so historical and beautiful and mesmerising but it’s also jam packed full of tourists, selfie sticks (like you’ve never seen before!) and everyone is just doing it for the gram so it was quite nice just to soak it all in. Here are the few pictures off my camera (honestly took about 20 pictures over the 3 days! I think I struggled with the lack of Evie presence to be honest, that girl is my muse) and then the rest which I candidly snapped on Danny’s phone (much to his annoyance).

We stayed at the Via Veneto Prestige Rooms which is located in the city centre and was about a 7 minute walk to the Trevi Fountain. It was perfect for what we wanted, the room was spacious, clean, modern and comfortable. It’s classic old style Italian from the outside but fresh and modern on the inside. It felt very much like ‘air b&b’ which I love as you feel like you’ve got your own apartment but with the added benefit of a cleaner and breakfast being served for you. Breakfast was included in the price however in my opinion it was rather a small choice, very continental with the only hot thing on offer being scrambled egg but there was lots of cereals, fruit, toast, mini pastries and yoghurts to chose from. I would go back in a heart beat and I think the reviews on Trip Advisor speak for themselves.

Quite a lot of you asked for recommendations on where to go and what to do and in all honesty we didn’t have a ‘plan of action’. We basked in the toddler free glory and took every day at a slow pace. We walked everywhere and even though we only arrived at the hotel on the Tuesday at 2pm by the Wednesday evening we had done 35,000 steps! We didn’t book any tickets beforehand and we didn’t go on any guided tours, we literally strolled around Rome from landmark to landmark. By day 3 I was shattered so we bought tickets for the hop on and hop off bus tour which I don’t regret doing but the traffic is crazy and you will genuinely get anywhere you want to go quicker by just walking! Even on that day we still ended up doing over 10,000 steps! My one little nugget of advice I have is at the Colosseum the queue going inside to buy tickets was huuuuge so either buy them online beforehand and print them off or head over to the ticket office opposite (slightly hidden behind the trees) and buy them from there. That way, it’s exactly the same ticket as everyone is queuing up for but you just get to enter in a separate line (where there is hardly any queue) as you already have a ticket! It’s hard to know who to trust round there as everyone is trying to flog you a guided tour, a selfie stick or a jarg iPhone charger but the people selling guided tours pass it off as a way in with ‘no queue’ however charge you €30 opposed to the usual €12 ticket!

Although we never had an ‘itinerary’ as such we still knew we wanted to visit all of the major hotspots, the places that you can’t really go to Rome and not visit! We managed to cram so much into the 2 and half days and although by the end I was absolutely exhausted I’m so glad we did! The things we ticked off our bucket list were the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Altare Della Patria, the Ponte Umberto and the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Probably my favourite thing about Rome was their immense love for food. This was my first time visiting Italy and everything was just amazing! It was like a dream come true for me . . . if I wasn’t eating pizza or pasta then I was drinking Aperol spritz or guzzling gelato! If you’re in Rome you absolutely need to visit Venchi Chocolate and Gelato shop, the most incredible shop and the best ice cream I’ve ever had!!! I mean yes it cost €9 for two ice creams buuuut so worth it in my opinion!

We had the most amazing time in the most amazing city and although I’m not one for visiting the same place twice I would absolutely go back in a heart beat!



  1. October 11, 2018 / 2:23 pm

    considering you didn’t take many photos, the ones you did take are gorgeous! i think they capture rome pretty well 🙂 i’ve not been since i was 16 but this post has me desperate to go back with danny (mine not yours haha), it’s such a beautiful and romantic city x

  2. thriftyyorkshiremum
    October 18, 2018 / 7:44 pm

    Ah I loved this, the photos are amazing. I’m desperate to go to Rome, even more so after reading this 😍

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