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It’s an unwritten rule isn’t it? If you have a ‘sleeper’ then don’t mention it. To a single soul. Or more particularly another Mother. We had a sleeper. A six week old sleeper. A 12 hour through the night sleeper. A self settle sleeper. And believe me when I say I counted my lucky stars every single night. But I was obsessed with routine. It was bath, bottle, bed by 7pm and there was not a cat in hell’s chance I was ‘ruining’ this routine, I was not ruining this good thing we had going. Now I’m going to put it out there and say it’s quite easy to create a routine with a newborn? You only have to do it a couple of times for them to realise it’s a ‘routine’ and they don’t really have much say on the matter do they!? Two year olds on the other hand. They do have a say on the matter. They can run away, refuse bath time, prolong bedtime and play you all the oldest tricks in the book if they want to. That’s why we no longer have a ‘routine’, we just have a few little things, a few little consistencies that we stick to that get us through till it’s time to count those sheep. We lay out fresh pyjamas. We have a bath and it always has to be a Johnson’s bedtime bath. We have post bath cuddles whilst watching In The Night Garden (sometimes a bounce on the bed because I’m not sure my daughter fully understands the concept of a wind down) and then we read a bedtime story.

Evie has been a dream since the day she was born and I’m not saying that in a big headed way or ‘showing off’. She genuinely has been a very easy baby and continues to be a relatively easy toddler and I’m aware I probably don’t know I’m born when it comes to sleep. The sleep is not the struggle for us it’s the getting to sleep that’s a battle. We struggle with the wind down and the run up to bedtime. The older she gets the more aware she becomes. She’s aware that Mummy and Daddy aren’t going to sleep an she’s aware that she’s missing out. That’s why for us having a bath every night is so important, it’s an indicator to her that bedtime is on the horizon and hopefully gets her little brain to understand and comprehend it’s time to settle down and shut those eyes.

So although I’m no where near the level of routine crazy I was when she was 6 months old I still like to follow a few consistencies and it really helps us to have just a few familiar constants at bedtime in the hope that we can battle through this bedtime saga and arrive at destination SLEEP.

This post was kindly sponsored by Johnson’s as I am working with them this year as a baby ambassador but as always all words and opinions are my own.


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  1. November 1, 2018 / 3:06 pm

    we use johnsons bedtime bath too! remy is only 8 months but he can still be a bit of a nightmare to settle down so i’m starting to *try* a bit of a bedtime routine – think we’re too chaotic a household to implement one COMPLETELY x

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