Bedroom Makeover

We moved into to our home in November 2016 with a six week old newborn and very empty bank accounts. After getting married, having a baby and saving to buy a house our funds were running pretty low especially after stamp duty, solicitor fees and other hidden costs you get whacked with when purchasing a house! Because we moved into a new build and we had a tiny baby there was never any rush to decorate, I quite liked the white walls and the ‘less in more’ look anyway. However two years down the line and we finally felt like it was time to decorate with the bedroom being our first little project. We won’t be winning any interior design awards and it’s nothing compared to some of the incredibly decorated houses you see everyday on Instagram but we love it and even something as little as painting one wall has made all the difference! As we basically started with a blank canvas I thought it would good to take some before and after snaps!

I think what took us so long to actually start decorating was the fact I was so unsure about what my style or taste was. This is our first home so I’ve never had to make decorating decisions before but I’m glad we waited it out as I had more of a vision of what I wanted to create. Nothing too over the top or fancy just something that’s cosy and warm. The colour we ended up choosing for the bedroom was ‘setting plaster’ by Farrow and Ball however when we to B&Q and got the colour matched and mixed by Valspar.

We didn’t spend a massive amount of money and kept it quite simple but I absolutely love the changes we made and so happy with the colour, it’s nice to see the before and afters next to each other because it really has made such a difference! I will try and link where we got everything below. The wardrobes were handmade from eBay and then delivered and fitted for £480 however I can’t find a link for them from the company we bought them from but I’m sure there are lots of others out there.

Kingsize grey bed – Argos

White bedside tables – eBay

Drawer knobs for bedside tables – eBay

Bedside lamps – Dunelm

Velvet cushion in petrol – H&M

Square 50×50 frames – IKEA

Pendant lamp shade – IKEA


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