Fuss Free Festive Hot Chocolate | AD

I love a Christmas tradition as much as the next person but I also love simplicity. I like time saving hacks and not a lot of fuss. So I buy Christmas party food that cooks all at the same temperature, I buy the ready made ginger bread house to decorate and I make the quickest and easiest hot chocolate known to man. Because after all you don’t want to spend longer making it than you do drinking it (or in my case sharing it). All I do is use drinking chocolate powder, boiling water, whipped cream, mini marshmallows and a candy cane and you’ve got one of the best fuss free festive hot drinks!

I had never heard of a Hot Cup machine before working with Breville so when they said it was going one of the products we would be trying out I was genuinely intrigued. I wondered what the Breville Hot Cup would do that a kettle doesn’t or why I would need one. It turns out it’s slotted perfectly in to our kitchen and I’ve used it so much more than I thought I would for no other reason than convenience, I just automatically find myself choosing to use the Hot Cup over the kettle.

Whenever I’m grabbing a brew at home during the day I’m usually alone and therefore only making one cup. Obviously when you boil a kettle you’re boiling the same water over and over again and then using only one cups worth and leaving the rest of the water to reboil again next time. The Breville Hot Cup boils the exact amount of water you need (with 9 settings for different cups sizes) in less than 60 seconds but can hold up to 2 litres in the tank. It’s actually been really great for things like a cups of tea, bowls of porridge and even noodles because it has all the benefits of a kettle just without the wait or waste. One thing is for sure if you’re popping into mine for a quick cuppa then I sure as hell can provide you with a large selection of hot beverages at the touch of a button! You can check out the Hot Cup on the Breville website by clicking here.

This post was kindly sponsored by Breville as I am working with them this year as one of their brand ambassadors but as always all words and opinions are my own.


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