Wedding Q&A

I thought I would gather all the comments, messgaes and emails I’ve have had with people asking wedding related questions and pop them all in one place, hope you enjoy!

Q: How did you & Danny meet?

A: Danny and I met when we were 17 in second year of college. He sat next to me in English class and I actually couldn’t believe I’d never seen him before. It wasn’t long before our English teahcer started shouting Romeo & Juliet everytime we walked into class (so cringe)

HAHAHAHA this picture.
Q: How did you find your bridesmaid dresses?

A: AHHHHHHHHHHHH. BRIDES.MAID.DRESSES. They were the bane of my life! I literally searched for months and months because I just had this vision in my head and I couldn’t get rid of it. Every dress we found I would always find something wrong with it until we came across these from Key Fashion. I risked it and bought them online (I bought 8 so I had one as a back up) and they were actually better than I had ever imagined!

02 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-062

01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-005

Q: Did you stick to your budget? If you had one?

A: In all honesty. No. I don’t think you can even begin to comprehend how expensive weddings are when you start to plan! By no means did we spend stupid amounts of money or go way over budget but there were things I did not forecast into my original budget (probably due to excitement) and things that cropped up where we just had to fork out more money. We were incredibly lucky to have our parents help us out with the wedding as we are saving for a deposit for a house so that really did help us.

I felt that I managed to create our perfect day without spending ridiculous amounts of money by doing smalls things here and there! I know it’s easier said than done but try to rope in as many people as you can who will help you out! Danny’s Mum made our cake and it was incredible, our florist was a family friend and charged us cost price for all our flowers, we purchased all the vases for the centre pieces ourselves from chairty shops, our wedding favours were from Home Bargain (cookie heart pops) and cost 79p each(!!), my Pronovias dress was a sample dress so wasn’t made to measure (this usually means the dress is less than 50% of the RRP a great way to get a bargain without buying second hand), I asked the lady who desinged our invites to make smaller evening invites which cost a third of the day invites, my veil was my something ‘borrowed’ from one of my lovely friends, my headpiece was handmade from eBay and literally cost less than half the price of one from a bridal shop . . The list goes on! All these little things meant we were saving money but I didn’t have to compromise on my ‘vision’ for the day! What I would say is the most important thing to do is shop around and never buy the first thing you see!

Q: Favoruite place to buy ‘wedding stuff’

A: This is so easy! eBay!! If you read my post about DIY wedding bits you will see near enough everything I bought was from eBay. My piece of advice is if you see something you love in a shop, at a wedding fair, on a blog SEARCH FOR IT ON EBAY. I bought our thank you tags for our wedding favours from eBay from Korea and they literally cost £11 for 100! I also got our place cards, table numbers, step ladder and loads more from eBay.

04 Reception-E&D-Low-036

Q: What did you eat the day before your wedding and the morning of?

A: The night before the wedding we stayed in, just me, My Mum, My Dad and my Sister (maid of honour). We drank prosecco and ate Nandos takeaway . . classy fam. In my head I thought I would be eating salad and drinking water so I wasn’t bloated for the wedding day but that is just so ridiculous! Everyone was so excited and no one could be bothered cooking! The morning of the wedding we had the ‘bridal sitting room’ in the venue to get ready in and we were offered breakfast. I chose pancakes but I was so so so excited I couldn’t eat a thing so only managed one! Such a shame as they were gorgeous! In fact me and Danny didn’t eat a thing all day, we were both running on so much adrenalin we just weren’t hungry!


Q: Is there anything you would have changed or done differently about the day?

A: Not one single thing.

Q: What gifts did you give everyone?

A: I bought Danny a Hugo Boss watch for his wedding gift. I bought my Mum & Dad a night away at a boutique hotel with afternoon tea and 3 course dinner in the Lakes where you can take your dog with you (my mum LOVED that!). I bought my bridesmaids personalised hangers and personalised bracelets. I bought my maid of honour an instax Polaroid camera, personalised biscuits from Piped With Love and a personalised bottle of champagne. I bought my flower girl personalised Me To You notebook and personalised chocolate bar. Quite clearly LOVE personalisation don’t I!

Q: What were  you thinking when you walked down the aisle?

A: Sheer excitement! I was grinning from ear to ear, my Nana said she had never seen anyone with such a huge smile on their face walking down the aisle. I was nervous for about 2.4 seconds and then it was just the most exciting feeling ever! You forgot that anybody else is even in the room!

Q: Why did you decide to get married whilst you still lived at home?

A: Me & Danny have lived with my Mum and Dad for 4 years, in the beginning it was purely for financial reasons but as time went on it just seemed like the perfect situation for us to be in. We both get on with my Mum and Dad like they’re our best friends, we always go out as a 4 and have such a laugh living together. Danny very quickly became the son they never had and my Dad was overjoyed for some male company in our female dominated home ha! We cannot wait to move out and get our own home but we wanted to do it properly, we didn’t want to rent and waste all our hard earned money so we started saving mid 2014. Married or not living with my Mum and Dad makes no difference to us because we are so genuinely happy here . . so much so it’s going to be really hard to leave even though we will be starting a new adventure together! We know how truly lucky we are that they have sacrificed so much for us to give us the best opportunity and start to our married life together.

Q: What do you vividly remember of the day?

A: Not a lot to be honest! I remember walking down the sweeping stairs with my Dad and walking down the aisle but everything else seems like a total blur! I cannot wait to get our video back and can’t even imagine how many emotions it’s going to bring back! I cry every time I watch our photo slideshow so can’t even think what I’ll be like with our video! The videographer says it can take at least 12 weeks for her to edit and get it back to us but she’s nearly 9 months pregnant so it will be a little longer for us. That’s one thing I would say is if you can (I know it’s not feasible for everyone) then get a videographer! Every bride I have spoken to who didn’t have one said it was their only regret! We weren’t going to have one either because they are not cheap but 6 months after everything was already booked we decided to just go for it!

Q: Did you have a checklist/how did you plan everything?

A: I didn’t use a checklist I just literally went with the flow! I am a perfectionist and bit of a control freak but I am not organised or OCD in the slightest so I just did the planning as and when! I started planning quite early on (we got engaged in November 13 and I started planning February 14) we booked the venue first and then went from there. I made sure the important things were all booked and deposits paid for at least 12 months in advance! The venue, photographer, registrar, flowers, band, make up artist etc. I ordered our save the dates and sent them out 12 months before, and I started looking at wedding dresses 12 months before (however upon reflection I think this was too early, if I was to do it again I would go 4/5 months before the wedding), we were able to finalise our cake up to the week before as it was Danny’s Mum making it, I made sure all the alterations on the girls dresses were done and finalised a month before the wedding and I sent our invites out 12 weeks before as we gave our guests menu options.  My advice would be do a little but do it often. I planned and organised nearly every night but only an hour or two at a time. This way as the run up to the wedding got closer and closer I wasn’t stressed and I felt like I only had to dot the i’s and cross the t’s so to speak.

Q: What personal touches did you add to your wedding day?

A: This was one of my favourite parts! As a Pinterest addict it’s easy to get carried away! Just some of my favourite things include a handmade sign outside the venue with our names on, a Polaroid frame with pictures from the 7 years of our relationship, a charm of my and my Grandad attached to my bouquet and a basket of flip flops for the evening with a personalised sign.

Q: Did you have a make up artist? Would you recommend getting one?

A: I will be totally honest here . . at first I thought they were all a total rip off! When I looked at the cost for make up artists for a wedding I couldn’t believe the prices, some of them were charging £300 just for the bride!! So I decided to just do it myself as I love make up anyway. But then, classic Emma, I changed my mind! I booked a make up artist and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did!! I had Frankie Noone from ‘Make Up by Frankie’ and she was amazing!!! She made me feel a million dollars! Not only that, but because I had someone doing my hair and my make up I had a total stress free morning, we all know what it’s like trying to get false lashes on, just imagine doing that on the morning of your wedding! She was such a lovely girl it made the whole experience even better and was worth every single penny!

Thanks for reading!

Em, xo



03.10.15 ♥

If this post appears slightly self-indulgent then I’m sorry. I can tell you now it’s a weird experience being obsessed with pictures of yourself and getting in from work every night and scrolling through all 909 of them. But I have LOVED looking through other people’s wedding pictures for years so I thought it was only right that I share mine as lets face it we’re all innately nosey! Just a few things before we get to the snaps . . I’ve had a lot of questions about the girls bridesmaid dresses . . they were from Key Fashion and I got them over 12 months so unfortunately they don’t sell them anymore also I am not a diva with two pairs of wedding shoes (well I might be a little bit of a diva) but my incredible husband bought me my first ever pair of Louboutins for my wedding present!!! Total surpirse!! As you can imagine I died. Then I sqeauled. Then I cried.

Hope you enjoy looking through our photos as much I love looking through everyone elses! ♥

01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-002 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-005 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-020 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-024 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-029 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-031 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-033 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-040 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-042 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-051 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-056 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-064 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-083 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-087 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-089 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-100 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-107 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-118 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-134 01 Getting Ready-E&D-Low-13602 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-00202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-00502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-00802 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-01302 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-02902 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03002 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03102 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03402 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-03702 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-04902 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-05302 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-05502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-06202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-07402 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08002 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08602 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-08802 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-09202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-09502 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-09702 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-10202 Pre Ceremony-E&D-Low-10503 Ceremony-E&D-Low-00403 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01203 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01403 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01603 Ceremony-E&D-Low-01903 Ceremony-E&D-Low-02003 Ceremony-E&D-Low-03403 Ceremony-E&D-Low-04503 Ceremony-E&D-Low-07103 Ceremony-E&D-Low-07303 Ceremony-E&D-Low-07903 Ceremony-E&D-Low-08404 Reception-E&D-Low-002 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-00104 Reception-E&D-Low-004 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-02204 Reception-E&D-Low-033 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-03604 Reception-E&D-Low-03904 Reception-E&D-Low-04004 Reception-E&D-Low-043 - Copy04 Reception-E&D-Low-04404 Reception-E&D-Low-05304 Reception-E&D-Low-05404 Reception-E&D-Low-05904 Reception-E&D-Low-06004 Reception-E&D-Low-06104 Reception-E&D-Low-06205 Groups-E&D-Low-06806 Portraits-E&D-Low-00406 Portraits-E&D-Low-01706 Portraits-E&D-Low-02306 Portraits-E&D-Low-03706 Portraits-E&D-Low-04306 Portraits-E&D-Low-06506 Portraits-E&D-Low-07106 Portraits-E&D-Low-07906 Portraits-E&D-Low-08106 Portraits-E&D-Low-09506 Portraits-E&D-Low-09706 Portraits-E&D-Low-11206 Portraits-E&D-Low-13306 Portraits-E&D-Low-14107 Speeches-E&D-Low-00807 Speeches-E&D-Low-02807 Speeches-E&D-Low-06007 Speeches-E&D-Low-06707 Speeches-E&D-Low-07207 Speeches-E&D-Low-08807 Speeches-E&D-Low-09807 Speeches-E&D-Low-10607 Speeches-E&D-Low-12407 Speeches-E&D-Low-13007 Speeches-E&D-Low-14107 Speeches-E&D-Low-04308 Evening-E&D-Low-00708 Evening-E&D-Low-01008 Evening-E&D-Low-01508 Evening-E&D-Low-01808 Evening-E&D-Low-01908 Evening-E&D-Low-02808 Evening-E&D-Low-03608 Evening-E&D-Low-04308 Evening-E&D-Low-05108 Evening-E&D-Low-06008 Evening-E&D-Low-06208 Evening-E&D-Low-07108 Evening-E&D-Low-07208 Evening-E&D-Low-07408 Evening-E&D-Low-07508 Evening-E&D-Low-09308 Evening-E&D-Low-09408 Evening-E&D-Low-09608 Evening-E&D-Low-10208 Evening-E&D-Low-10408 Evening-E&D-Low-105


It’s all in the detail . .

I’ve been obsessed with weddings as far back as I can remember. I was 6 years old and I would put a tea towel on my head (my veil obvs), my Mum would play ‘Here comes the bride’ on my casio keyboard and my sister would be the Groom (she is younger than me so therefore always had to be the boy when we played games) and every Saturday night we would get married. Some people dream of getting married (me!), some people don’t want a big fuss and some people can’t even entertain the idea of nuptials. When Danny found out I had been pinning dresses and ideas for years before we got engaged I must admit he looked kinda scared; but he knew what he was letting himself in for.

I’m going to talk about the little details because, although I can’t recall noticing anything but Danny’s face on our wedding day, that is what everyone else commented on. That’s what everyone said made the day feel special, personal, that extra little touch, the extra little sparkle. At the end of the day it’s what made me feel proud. I look back on the pictures and think ‘Wow, I really did all that!’

I’m not saying all these ideas are my own, because they’re not! They are ideas from Pinterest, magazines, blogs, real life weddings and I have just adapted it to my taste and style. First of all; from the moment I saw the ‘Love ladder’ I knew I had to have one at my wedding. It serves no purpose to anything but it’s just so cute! I purchased an old battered step ladder from eBay and gave it a face lift with a lick of white paint.

FullSizeRender (8)FullSizeRender (9)

Then I bought MDF letters also from eBay, LOTS of glitter and PVA glue. This is a VERY easy but VERY messy task so be warned!

FullSizeRender (10)FullSizeRender (16)

I bought some rose twine from The Range and wrapped this around either side of the ladder and purchased little milk bottles for the florist to fill with flowers and the result was this . .

FullSizeRender (21)

I also made my table numbers in the same way I made the glitter love letters and I bought a floral suitcase and bunting to use a ‘postbox’ for any wedding cards people brought to our wedding. (Both of which I’m now selling on eBay under the name wendyfc0 if you want to have a look!)

IMG_5197 IMG_5201

I was lucky enough to have a family friend as a florist and she did our amazing flowers at cost price so therefore I was able to collect my own vases for the centerpieces. I must have visited about 50 charity shops but it was so worth it as I adored the ‘mis-match’ shabby chic look it gave.

FullSizeRender (15)

Our table plan was from eBay *I will be also selling this soon so keep your eyes peeled on instagram) and it just by sheer chance I came across it as I wasn’t specifically looking for one at the time, it was perfect and almost like it had been made for our wedding! Our polaroid frame was from The Range (£7 I think!!) and I just took the glass out and hung twine from either side and added pegs. I hung the pictures in chronological order so it showed as 7 years of memories.

FullSizeRender (13) FullSizeRender (11)

As we only had 3 children at our wedding I decided to make activity boxes to keep them entertained during the wedding breakfast. I got these gorgeous boxes from eBay from bizzyhearts-wedding-boutique and filled them with all different things. Abbie (my flower girl who is 2) got a plush Minnie Mouse toy, Pegga Pig colouring in and stickers, Frozen bubbles, Frozen activity cards and a chocolate lollipop with her name on from chocodelights2012. For a younger child who has only just turned 1 I added finger puppets instead of colouring activities which he loved 🙂


Leo box

One thing I know a lot of people now do is buy hangers for their bridesmaids. It looks amazing in the photos and is a lovely keepsake for them to keep. I loved ours as they matched the dresses perfectly! I chose to get their names rather than ‘Bridesmaid’ on the wire but you can get whatever you like to personalise them including the date. I bought mine from a seller on eBay called wedding-belle-boutique who made me 8 hangers for £75 including postage which I think is a bargain!

FullSizeRender (20)FullSizeRender (19)

Last but not least I just want to show you some gifts I bought for my maid of honour  and flower girl as there is some really amazing inexpensive thoughtful gifts you can buy such as the prosecco/wine/champagne labels from eBay (bloody love eBay don’t I!). I got this one from the seller forefrontdesign it was so easy to just pop onto a bottle of prosecco and I think it looks so cute and is something she can keep forever after drinking the prosecco. The Instax camera was from Currys and the biscuits were made by an amazing lady on facebook called Piped With Love. The personalised notebook and chocolate for my flower girl were both from The Bridal Gift Box.

FullSizeRender (12)IMG_3753

Most of the DIY stuff I did was really inexpensive and a lovely way to add a personal touch to the day without increasing the cost of your wedding. It does take a lot of time and effort but it’s so worth it in the end! I hope it gives some of you bride to be’s ideas or inspiration and if you’re anything like me I just love looking at what other people did at their wedding! Please leave me comments and let me know what you did at your wedding or what you’re hoping to do and also if there is anything you particularly want to see wedding related or not just let me know 🙂

If you’re not too bored of wedding stuff yet I will try and get some of our professional pictures up soon!

Em, xo